Juana de Arco
Palermo Soho
El Salvador 4762
Artistic and colorful urban clothing and accessories
Monday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Sunday from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Whats up?
Juana de Arco, one of the most unique and artistic clothing lines in Buenos Aires, invites you into the warm universe created in its Palermo Soho boutique as soon as you walk in the door. The place is filled with colorful fabrics and textures that take creativity to a new level. Mariana Cortes, the head designer and creative director of Juana de Arco, creates women’s street-wear, lingerie and men’s boxers, bed-wear, clothing for children, accessories, and a home collection all made from organic cottons, woven textiles, wools and printed fabrics. The flourishes of color used in the natural ink base of the textiles have many variations and permutations, and combined with the techniques that define the label, such as artistic printing over woven textiles, they give Juana an innovative edge in the Buenos Aires fashion world. The influences that make up the collections at Juana de Arco come from many distinct backgrounds. From the Paraguayan Ñandutí crochet technique that Mariana uses to make gorgeous multi-colored gowns and sunhats to the printing of an image from a work in an artist’s collection over brightly-dyed cottons (she also runs one of the hippest art galleries in the city as a part of her project, located downstairs in the shop), the dynamism of the cultural aspect of the line is clear and strong. Many of the accessories and items in the home collection are made by a sustainable women’s collective called Project Nido, where the women from a marginalized neighborhood in Buenos Aires are taught to re-use every scrap of fabric that comes from the production of the clothing and re-combine them into fanciful creations such as pillows, rugs, and decorations. Mariana is an eclectic and socially minded visionary who now also has distribution in boutiques in Tokyo, Paris, Germany, Greece, Italy, Vienna, Mexico, other Argentine provinces and New York City. The current collection is called “Piano Piano,” calling forth the ideas of getting down to the essence of things, of slowing down, of creating with your hands, of purification and cleaning, and of group work. Her collections arise from the energy of the team with whom she works and from the inspiration of the natural world. One of the main printing themes currently on display features the image of ginkgo biloba, a plant with medicinal properties linked to brain flow and function. Everything in the store has more than a literal meaning, and is based more on spirit than on the age of the customer. Each item at Juana de Arco is unique and created through a strong concentration on artisanal and often hand-made work. Piece by piece, Juana de Arco is making Buenos Aires a node of innovative and interdisciplinary textile creation.

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