by Mariano Iturri

The eastern suburbs are heating up. Take a train towards Moreno from the train station in Once, get off in Haedo, cross the tracks and walk a few meters where you will find “Física y Química”, a quiet little bar hanging in the balance between old school and modernity; a friendly place with good music on the loudspeaker and some incredible ham and cheese sandwiches. There you will probably come across two young guys that at a glance seem like ordinary kids, the reality couldn´t be further from that. One is called “El Coya”, he is a lover of nature, of the smells of Haedo, practicing surf on the coast and karate at the old neighborhood gym, a fanatic of Bruce Lee and riding his bicycle. The other is called “El Boyz”, who as opposed to his friend, is a lover of technology, electronics, and dark little rooms filled with futuristic devices, the digital life and the energy that is measured only in watts. These two friends that appear to be so different from one another don´t pay attention to their differences, but rather in their shared passion: music. Bringing together two different worlds they formed Coya Boyz, a duo in which El Coya is in charge of singing cumbia melodies and playing a “cuatro venezolano” (a small four stringed Spanish-style guitar prevalent in Venezuelan music), while El Boyz is in charge of programming tracks with synthesizers and computers, fusing the classic cumbia rhythms with techno sounds found in Europe.

After their last show in Buenos Aires at the Fiesta Galaxy, I had the opportunity to speak with the Coya Boyz, preparing to take on their first adventure along the South American open roads: el “Haedo, Punto de Fuga Tour” (Haedo, Point of Escape).

How were the Coya Boyz born ?

Everything began in a basement in Haedo where we trained with the codes of the neighborhood, cumbia and the importance of the natural and the electronic. When we reached maturity we wanted to transmit everything that we had learned about the modern world and generate some sort of change.

What is that you try to transmit ?

The idea that there exists another reality, lessons learned during our reclusion in Haedo. Mental and spiritual liberation in order to leave behind the ties that bind us to values and customs considered to be normal.

Haedo is present in a lot of your songs, what is so magical that it holds such a special connection to you guys ?

Haedo is special because its where we come from, that´s where we find our essence. It´s the place where we learned to be who we are today. It´s our home. We always return to Haedo after every adventure, it´s where we recharge ourselves in order to prepare ourselves for the next combate (battle).

El Combate, that is something else that is always present in your songs. You guys even throw some karate moves during your live shows. Is there some special meaning behind that, or simply some accidental slip after having watched “Enter the Dragon” all day long ?

El Combate is what we use to prepare ourselves, it’s our way of taking on the world, fighting for our ideas and emotions. El Coya’s moves are his tools, his weapon: karate is to Coya what the brush is to a painter.

Your first album “Mayo Bless” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by you guys, and it is available for free download online. What do you guys think about copyright and SOPA ?

As artists our method is to spread our music and message to as many people as possible. The free distribution of our first album is our way of doing that, it amplifies our voice. SOPA closes a lot of doors on us to reach people far from Haedo who any other way are impossible to reach.

When can we expect the second album ? Could you guys tell us a little bit about it ?

Right now we are in La Paz, Bolivia touring all over South American independently and composing everything that will become part of the second album. We aren’t sure if it is going to be musically similar, we do know that it will be authentic and genuine like the first album which we made from our hearts, and want to do the same for the second disc.

Have you guys already begun the “Haedo, Punto de Fuga Tour”, your first tour through South America ? Tell us a little bit about your trip and your expectations ?

Like we said, right now we are in La Paz, Bolivia in a rented room writing this interview and preparing ourselves to go out into the Bolivian night. The idea is to continue through Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and if possible make it to Mexico. But that’s really just the idea of what we’d like to do, because in reality what we are going to do is sit back and let the tour take us where it wants to. We are also recording everything with the idea of making a documentary, or at least some sort of video diary to show what is happening here. You can find it on our tumblr.

Great, to close up, a lot of people say that 2012 marks the end of the world, but you guys talk about “The New Era”. What is “the new era” ?

The new era is a new way of life, it is in all of us, it’s about being you and everyone at the same time. Not looking for answers on the TV or buy what everyone tries to sell you. Like we say, less Europe, more Haedo. It’s about seeing from within, seeing yourself and finding your own light and following your own path.

Thanks guys and have a wonderful trip!

Thank you man, and buen viaje !