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Ba Nút
Ba Nút Ba Nút Ba Nút Ba Nút Ba Nút Ba Nút Ba Nút Ba Nút

Name Ba Nút
Discipline fashion
Date of birth Mica Cerrotti, September 21, 1987; Martina Piñeyrua, January 27, 1988
Origin Adrogue, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Details Male and Female Clothing, Decorative and Artistic Objects
  In 2010, a strange event occurred on the planet Earth. Near the Phong Nha cave, in the middle of Vietnam, Ba Nút hit the ground producing an explosive burst. Its origin is unknown, but studies performed on this space capsule suggest a connection to the Planet Kaio, situated in the northern part of the galaxy. This nascent being, initially shapeless and tiny, began to evolve as it ate up everything that surrounded it. Today it is a rhizomatic body living in the shadows of the cave, morphing into the perfect cosmic virus, unique in its "Genki" powers, a powerful combination of magnetic and metabolic energy. This galactic model is waiting for the right moment to carry out its mission, revealed before the human species, spreading its strong virus and propelling the infection. This is how the world with change. PH: Pedro Quintans.