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Fede Lamas
Fede Lamas Fede Lamas Fede Lamas Fede Lamas Fede Lamas Fede Lamas Fede Lamas Fede Lamas

Name Fede Lamas
Discipline art
Date of birth January 31, 1979
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Details Video/Filmmaker, VJ, Illustrator and Animator
  "Casémonos¨ (Let´s Get Married) is the latest transformation of my project "Vete al Diablo" (Go to Hell). Its displayed in the form of an installation. In a matrimonial bedroom there are two sets of illustrated photographs that represent the memories of each partner. On one wall is a woman in a bed and the her most treasured family memories; on the other wall the husband and his memories as a hunter. Each illustration hides underneath a red lens, underneath that hellish vision are the repressed memories and desires, both hidden or never realized, of each partner. This exhibition was released in book form in 2011, while the third edition of the first book "Go to Hell" will be re-edited in the next few months in Brazil and Spain and distributed around the world. Vete al Diablo (libro, poster, mural, video, animation, silk screens and limited prints) has been shown in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paolo and Mexico City, and can also be found in Salvador de Bahia, Cordoba, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Taiwan and New York.