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Juan Weiss
Juan Weiss Juan Weiss Juan Weiss Juan Weiss Juan Weiss Juan Weiss Juan Weiss Juan Weiss

Name Juan Weiss
Discipline art
Date of birth March 26, 1980
Origin Temperley, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Details Illustrator
  My mother studied at the school of Bellas Artes and was an Art Professor, and so from the time that I was just a boy art was an important part of my education. She even taught a class for children at our house which made it even more fun. I studied graphic design in the hopes of finding a major that would land me work that had something to do with my interests. Over time, and because of the labor market, I specialized in interactive web design. I worked a few years for Cartoon Network and for the last five years I have been the creative manager for Fox Latin America. I always buy smooth paper notebooks and I draw everywhere, in the middle of meetings, while drinking a coffee, or at home where I can concentrate on more personal projects. I doodle a lot and always save the things that seem like an interesting idea to develop. In 2010 I started my blog, and started publishing drawings, and experimenting more with watercolor, ink and acrylics. I started to receive a lot of invitations to participate in collective shows like at Puma Urban Art, Tecnopolis, Implosion #1 and Campamento, and have been asked to provide illustrations publications overseas. That really motivates me to continue to experiment and fantasize. I wish I had more time for experimentation, time to take classes, to have a more solid artistic education. Since I am a designer and I work in digital media, I like for my draws to be more "analog", I like doing things manually, with imperfections and stains. I like things that are satirical and grotesque. I draw a lot of animals and people and try to find the absurdness in things.