After the booming success of the first remix contest headed by ZZK Records, which resulted in the production of sound bending Fauna Remix album, La Manita, this time we are going for more…..a lot more. Bigger, better, stronger, meaner, deeper. You get the picture. We are going turbo on this joint. We are now going for another Remix Contest this time with the amazing work of Tremor


TREMOR is a trio of hot headed folkloric geniuses lead by LEONARDO MARTINELLI. Martinelli is a South American folklore musician with a passion for digital beats integrated into the deep tradition of ancient sounds. CAMILO CARABAJAL accompanies him, as the man with the “bombo leguero” (aka a big ass indigenous bass drum). Camilo comes from a long dynasty of Folkloric music family from the arid lands of Santiago del Estero. His part in this trio is both necesarry and essential.  Last but not least is the mad scientist of synthesizers, GERARDO FAREZ, who gives the trio an extra dose of psychedelia.

ZZK RECORDS will be shortly releasing a much awaited vinyl with remixes of Tremors’ work headed by NORTEC COLLECTIVE, CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO, KING COYA and EL REMOLÓN. Lots of rythmic treats await us.  His second LP VIAJANTE will also drop digitally worldwide in a few weeks as well.  ZZK is pushing this band to the next level, get ready.

Lets talk prizes. The winner of the remix contest will win a free vinyl EP and be a part of the remix LP which we will drop on

For this remix contest, we make available 2 tracks from Tremor’s album entitled VIAJANTE. As ingredients for the madness, we will provide the individual parts from the songs so that you can cook more easily.

Since many of the sounds in these songs are perhaps a little mysterious and exotic, we asked Leo to shed some light on the 2 tracks so we could have a better idea of South American folklore we will be dealing with:

Tremor / Viajante   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


The basic underlying rhythm of his song is taken from the “SAYA”, which is a rhythm that originates in the high mountains of the Andes. This type of song is usually played during the time of carnival, aka party time. Even though the base of the song is centered in South America, the harmony and the melody have a real Balkan sound and color. It’s an interesting array of musical instruments, some from South America, like the Charango and the Bombo Leguero, but others from Europe like the violin and the Bulgarian bagpipes or Gaida. 

LEONARDO tells us, “The idea for his track has been in my head for a couple years, I wanted to mix all these elements. I was interested in mixing melodies from the old continent with folkloric rhythms from South America”.

Tremor / Malambo   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

This track has a rhythmic and sonic base in the “MALAMBO”, which is a tradinational dance of the Argentine Gauchos, both powerful and tribal. It originates in the Argentine pampas at the end of the XVIII century. The malambo is usually kicked at a 6x8 beat. But this track tweaks it to a shuffled 4x4 beat. 

The song is an insane mix of instruments and styles, for example the charango is not typically used to in malambos, it is an instrument native to the desolate northern provinces. It also has some sampled sounds from everyday life, like a vacuum cleaner.


This is new territory for many, but we at ZZK Records invite you to explore the sounds of Tremor and send your remixes to in 320 kbps quality. Send us a link to download the mp3 from a shared server such as, or, please do not send the remix in an attached to the message.

Let’s take this to the next level ya’ll.


A1 - Caracol (Clorofila - Nortec Cumbia Remix)
A2 - Caracol (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
B1 - Viajante (El Remolon remix)
B2 - Caracol (King Coya remix)